10 Creative Garden Wedding Decoration Ideas

Who doesn’t crave for a fairy tale wedding! And the perfect place to celebrate that can be just amidst the plush greenery at the back of your apartment.

No matter how minimalistic you think it to be there is something very special and timeless about garden weddings. The subtle details, the natural setting and the overall feel – all contribute to creating an incredibly romantic and whimsical vibe and that is especially the case during the summer months.

There are a plethora of themes that you can choose from ranging from rustic and glamorous to simple and chic for a pristine garden wedding.

From the flamboyant outdoor setting and dreamy displays to fresh bloom filled tablescapes there are certain intricacies that promise to be impressive in this case. So here are some of the creative garden wedding ideas that will help you to get the wedding of your dreams. Just read on.

  • Create a Rustic Welcome – Near the entrance of the venue, you can opt for hanging a romantic sign like a rustic wreath. You will be able to make the guests feel warm and welcome by creating a grand entrance this way. Also before the day begins you can hang the wedding dress there and take an Instagram-worthy shot. This is just the perfect start to the monumental day of your life.
  • Organic Tables – During the reception you can add in the organic elements by spreading the floral garlands all across the tables. If you are choosing a rustic-styled theme for the wedding then go for white blossoms. This is going to take your dining area to a whole new level.
  • Flowery Invitations for the Wedding– If you want to set the tone for your wedding amidst nature you should create invitation with floral motifs, craft subtle details with watercolour and use abundance of soft pastel shades. For spring and summer wedding you can choose colours like light blue or turquoise, sea green, baby pink and so on.
  • Install the Vintage Pieces – You can give your décor a twist by going for vintage pieces to adorn your wedding. You can display the sweets on the statement pieces for adding a touch of tradition and style into your wedding milieu.
  • Opt for Parasols – Summer and spring weather can include either or both rain or shine. So you can be a bit thoughtful and provide parasols for the guests for sheltering themselves from the rain or protecting themselves from the sun.
  • Bridesmaid Dresses that Touch the Floor – For a romantic and ethereal look you should dress the bridesmaids in the long and flowy dresses or gowns. You can choose any colour but the light pastel colours are more preferable. The dusty dresses that can be worn in multiple styles are something that you can opt for as they are currently trending now. Your girls will not only look pretty on the day but will thank you as they can wear them again.
  • Wooden Arch or Chuppah – Installing a wooden chuppah or arch will add a rustic vibe to your wedding ambiance. You can go for fresh and exotic flowers for wrapping around the arch. This will complete the look and will be able to create the perfect photographic background.
  • Cakes Adorned with Flowers – You can convert a simple buttercream wedding cake into a stunning artwork by adorning it with fresh flowers. For the perfect finish, you can go for a golden or embroidered cake stand. Use a cascade of some freshly plucked roses to provide the ultimate effect.
  • Inculcate Garden Fresh Dishes in Your Menu – Since your venue happens to be in the lap of nature it is imperative that you include garden-fresh dishes in your menu. This means you just cannot do without the fresh, bright and delicious salads that your guests will enjoy and just love to munch on, more so amidst such a great atmosphere.
  • Be a Showstopper– The timelessness of a garden setting can be complemented with a classic and chic makeup and hairdo. To really make a statement on your big day you can go for floral printed sweetheart ball gown as the wedding dress. This will make you look celestial amidst the unrestrained flamboyance of nature.

The above are some of the creative ideas for a fabulous garden wedding. Apart from the above, you can select vibrant pieces of furniture to go with the natural milieu. You can get a plethora of styles to choose from if you opt for wedding furniture hire without making a dent in your pocket. This is how you can live the dream and celebrate your big day in a way that will remain etched in the minds of your guests for a long time to come.


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