Leadership in a Diverse Society

This paper is about the topic of leadership in a diverse society and linked with the book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”. This book is written by the famous American writer named John Gray. It describes the normal relationship problems between the both genders. Following are the answers to some questions that relates to the above topic and the book (Lasley & Matczynski, 1997).

Question Answer 1 (1).  

Yes, it is normally seen in various situations that the both sex’s communication styles are totally different from another. For clear understanding about this, it is necessary to know that within most of the workplaces the employer treatment, behaviour and policies are mostly equal for both genders, but the tasks and challenges are different. In business, sometimes the communication style of each gender can contribute the confusion in place of clarity.

For example, men’s always complaints about that if they offer the solutions for the problems, and then normally women carry it into their conversation and they are not inherently interested in solving those problems, but they are very happily interested to discuss them.  On the other hand, female employees complain that male co-workers are not thinking logically, they just want to quickly reach without thinking that the solution to the problem is favourable or not (Gray, 2012).

Answer Question 1 (2).

Through implementing some necessary communication strategies, the both genders can reduce the gap of communication. Now, let’s firstly talk about the strategies that men have to perform while they working with women. Whenever you are in the process of creating reports with the ladies, then short talks can harvest a massive benefit for you. It is your own benefit to stay away from monopolising the conversations as well as keep pause as minimum as much as possible.

Always deliver the positive criticism, so it will benefit for the both, while men give direct criticism, then women likely to feel unsympathetic. In between the discussion when women say I am sorry, then it doesn’t essentially indicate she is apologising for her conduct. This manner is highly appreciated by the women, and this will help in making a superior working relation for next time.

Alternatively, women should be executing the strategies while working with men is that they have to control themselves in sharing unnecessary details, tag questions and get rid of the hedging. Before saying, select the appropriate word, ask the men about what he thinks rather than asking what he feels about it. If you did any wrong conduct, then immediately apologise for it. Also, if you require or wants to ask something, then be direct with them, men will definitely appreciate this.

Answer Question 2 (1).

Well, your behaviour and organisation are really significant in this matter, if you are following the equal opportunity culture within your organisation, then it is more chance that a member of another team will love to join your team. For this, it is necessary to treat every of your team member in equality basis. Additionally, your decisions should be entirely based on the performance of team member rather than favouritism, gender, culture, race or others.

As discussed the communication difference with your chosen culture team member and you. So following the responsible leadership role, you can easily manage this situation. Firstly, the leader must treat every of their team member respectfully and fairy, and then they need to establish a trustful relationship with their team members.

Answer Question 2( 2).

The multicultural team members offer a huge number of benefits to the international company, includes culturally sensitive customer service, holding a good knowledge related to the global market products as well as you can run your business in 24-hour work rotations.

But there are also some disadvantages of cultural differences that can seriously spoil the performance of a team. After some research, it is found that there are four categories through a team member from another culture can harm the performance of the whole team. These barriers to the success of a team such as conflicting norms for making a decision, trouble with fluency and accents, direct vs. indirect communication as well, as opposed thoughts related to the authority and hierarchy.


Gray, J. (2012). Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus: The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex. Harper.

Lasley, T. J., & Matczynski, T. J. (1997). Strategies for Teaching in a Diverse Society: Instructional Models. Michigan: Wadsworth Publishing Company.


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