6 Things Indian Women Should Do To Manage Their Stress Levels

Physically and mentally fatigued after a long day of back to back team meetings, countless mugs of tea and coffee, frequently checking your mobile to see if your child has called after getting back home, thinking about the weekend which too will be jam-packed with pending errands, barely being able to spend time with your husband when you get back home at 9 pm – does any or all of it sound familiar?

There is a great chance that you will relate to some of it as an Indian woman. In almost all cultures of the world, women have always been known to be multi-tasking deities. But in the race of multi-tasking things, stress is what they get in return.

We all know that stress is not good for a human body. The effects of stress can be troublesome, and for millions of women, stress leads to all sorts of symptoms and ailments, including polycystic ovary syndrome, miscarriages, headaches, muscle tension, difficulty sleeping, irritability, and lowered immunity.

With ultra-demanding, hectic schedules, you may not always be able to control what happens in your daily life, but you can adopt healthy ways to manage stress levels.

Here are six stress things you, as an Indian woman, should do to manage your stress levels.

Be solution oriented

A smart Indian woman is one who tries to focus on managing the tricky problems if it’s manageable, rather stressing out. Make a checklist of all the necessary steps you need to take to get something done and then cross them as you finish the task. When you see that your efforts are making sense by managing smaller, more manageable tasks, the job as a whole will feel less bothering.

Don’t be superwoman, be yourself

God did make you a woman, but no way a woman from Mars, so don’t expect to be a superwoman all the time. It is not only a very commanding way to be, it also says something about your need to control everything in your life unnecessarily. Women who delegate various aspects of their lives tend to be less stressed than the ones who run a one-woman-show. An intelligent Indian woman balances the level of stress by training her Indian husbands to take over some tasks. (Yes, it can be done with extreme patience, love, and respect).

Learn to say no

For women, especially in Indian culture, a lot of their problems come from taking on too much responsibility, for their husbands, in-laws and even sometimes extended family. You should know when to say No and what to say No to especially when it is not your responsibility. You are not responsible for anyone but your kids and, to some extent, your spouse. Stop being a doormat and give up the pressure of wanting everyone to like you. If someone is asking you to do something you know will regret taking on, smartly say No in a way they will be able to accept.

Get rid of the clutter

In our culture, there’s more emphasis on the extended family system rather nuclear family system. Usually, in extended families, people are surrounded by too many things in a not-so-very-big space. Having too much stuff can leave you feeling overwhelmed and worrisome, eventually leading to stress. Since living in constantly messy surroundings is the reason of unwanted stress and anxiety, therefore, it is advised to de-clutter to de-stress. Don’t start by clearing everything at once. That will only stress you out further. Go little by little. Start clearing small spaces first and then gradually move to bigger things. A space that is uncluttered can feel satisfying and soothing.

Give importance to self-care

If anybody deserves all the love, care, and attention, it is you. When you do so much for family and others, surely you can take some time and do something for yourself. Take an exercise, join yoga or meditation class. Go for a massage or spa treatment. A deep body massage doesn’t just make your muscles feel good—it can also do wonders for your anxiety. Let someone else pamper you for some time. Even if it seems selfish, it is not. If your tank is running on empty, you are not doing anyone a favor. Only when you learn to fill yourself up from within will you have something to offer others.

Have a laugh

While women around the world have work and family responsibilities, stressing out too much about them will simply cause you more grief, muscle stiffness, exertion — both mentally as well as physically. There are several ways you can de-stress yourself— watch your favorite classic, movie, meet up with close friends and talk about college memories. It has been observed that that every time you laugh out loud, increased oxygen flows to your organs, blood flow rises, and stress automatically comes down.


Stress is a normal part of life, but how you handle that stress is the trick here. Positive thinking helps too. Manage your life with these tips and also employ the power of positive thinking and see what wonders it does to you.


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